Ride Day Details (Draft)


2022 Ride Day details will be finalized as the  event date nears but similar to 2021 as found below.  Read below or print the Lifeline100 2021 INFORMATION SHEET-FINAL20211001 for  Ride start, packet pickup, parking, timelines, etc.

Already registered?   Print and download your  routes, cue sheets, GPS files and Ride Day information prior to event day.   We encourage Saturday packet pickup (one can pick up for others) and carpool or ride to the Sunday start if you live nearby.

We’ll also have a limited supply of Lifeline100 Men’s and Women’s jerseys and windbreakers available for sale so come in Saturday before they sell out!

The Ride Day  information:


Sunday October 3, 2021

Kinder Farm Park, 1001 Kinder Farm Park Rd, Millersville, MD


All registration is now closed after we reached our cap on October 1.


We encourage you to pick up your wristband and T Shirt on Saturday Oct. 2 from 12 Noon – 2 PM at the Kinder Farm Park Visitor Center so you can just” show and go” without checking in Sunday morning.  You can also pick up for friends and family.  As you enter the park on Kinder Farm Park Rd., continue straight up a short hill to The Visitor’s Center on the left.   Packets will also be available beginning at 6:15 AM on ride day.  You will receive a numbered wristband which must be worn during your ride. You must be registered and have your wristband on to start your ride and utilize the rest stops.


Local riders may want to ride to the start and others are encouraged to carpool. From Jumpers Hole Rd, enter on Kinder Farm Park Rd. then make a quick left on Gali Sanchez Way. Follow that to crew who will direct you where to park. There will be a short walk or ride from there to the Visitor Center.


Finish FLags

The ride is rain or shine. This is a “show and go” start which means you should arrive at the starting line and begin riding in the follow timeslots.  This will help spread riders as they enter the B&A trail.


All riders are required to wear helmets and have their bikes in good working order, including reflectors or taillights.   You should carry a spare inner tube, tire irons and a small pump or CO2.  Be sure your bike is in good mechanical order and that your tires are not worn and in need of replacement. Please visit your local bike shop if your bike needs service. However, there will be a bike mechanic available for simple repairs at Kinder Farm and each rest stop. Bring two full bottles to start the ride!  Also, you may want to bring your favorite energy food for in between rest stops.  Participants should bring a mask just in case you need to enter an indoor space or a SAG Vehicle. Due to insurance coverage, Class 2 e-bikes which have a throttle that can propel the bike without pedaling are not permitted.   Class 1 and 3 e-bikes which provide motorized pedal-assist only are permitted.


Cue sheets will be available at registration and at www.lifeline100.com/routes where there will also be GPX and TCX files including talking turn by turn and instructions on how to use the free Ride With GPS app on your phone for turn by turn directions. The 100 mile and 65 mile routes are marked yellow on the road.  The 15 and 30 mile routes are entirely on trail and have no on-trail markings. Certain turns for all rides will have signs.

SAG VEHICLES –   Non-Emergency SAG Support Call 443-562-2832 

TBD ;  Emergency call 911

There will be volunteers driving the course with bike racks if you have a non-emergency need for help.   They will have some limited supplies and can bring you to the nearest rest stop if you need a bike mechanic.  Please be advised that depending on the number of calls, you may be required to wait at a rest stop before a ride back to the finish can be provided.   If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 first and then the SAG number.


Partners Bike Doctor Annapolis, Bike Doctor Arnold, Bike Doctor Crofton, Cycle Mill and Parvilla Cycle & Multisport will be on board to provide bike tech support at the start and  at rest stops.


Special Ride Options for 30 and 65 milers:   At Dixon Observation Area, 30 and 65 milers who are feeling strong and arrive early enough can add about 10 miles to their ride by circling the BWI loop trail and then returning to Kinder Farm Park.    Follow the BWI Loop Trail signs and then your cue sheet to return to Kinder Farm Park.


A very important goal of the Lifeline 100 event is to show the community the benefits and safety of cycling.  All riders must obey the trail rules which include 15 mph speed limit, announcing every pass, yielding to pedestrians and riding single file when passing.  On the road, the 3 foot law requires drivers to leave 3 feet of room when safely passing a cyclist.  It is our responsibility, as cyclists, to also be courteous and obey ALL traffic laws and signals.  That means stopping at red lights and stop signs, signaling turns and generally riding single file and on the shoulder on the busier routes.   Please follow the rules of the roads and trails.



After celebrating your crossing of the finish line, we are tentatively planning to provide  post-ride lunch subject to prevailing COVID restrictions in place at the time of the event date for 30, 65 and 100 milers starting 11:30AM.   There will be other snacks and drinks for all riders.

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