Children’s Bike Rodeo & Family Fun Safari Ride

On October 1, 2023 the Lifeline 100 will include a free Children’s Bike Rodeo for kids age 4- 10 & a 2.6 mile Family Bike Safari Ride, both at Kinder Farm Park. Please see below for signup and further details. We also encourage you to bring your young riders to the Lindale M.S. Bike Safety Park which is open to the public anytime other than school hours. More details here about Children’s Bike Safety Parks.

For the Lifeline 100 Rodeo and Safari:

  • Please download, print and bring with you one waiver form for each rider in the Rodeo or Family Safari Ride (child or adult) by clicking on the form below.
  • These rides are free, but you need to reserve a slot for the Bike Rodeo using the form below
  • Children should bring their own bikes and must wear a helmet.
  • Reservations are not needed for the Family Fun Safari Ride (see details below)

Bike Rodeo Timeslot Reservation

The Bike Rodeo is now full. Please consider the Family Fun Safari Ride described below!

There are a limited number of spaces. To reserve your free Rodeo reservations between 1-3pm, use the form below:

Family Fun Safari Ride!

The Family Fun Safari Ride sponsored by M&T Bank and PedalPowerkids is a FREE self-guided ride of about 2.6 miles on the paved Kinder Farm Park Trail which will  be in public use. No pre-registration is required before the event, but  participants must check in and sign a waiver at the Registration Table, next to the Bike Rodeo and then follow the signs around the course. At check-in, each child will receive a lanyard and a Safari “Passport” with a list of  animal friends hidden along the course. Each hidden animal will have a stamp alongside it for participants to record in their passport. Parents are also encouraged to take photos at each landmark which can be posted at the Anne Arundel County Lifeline 100 facebook page. After finding as many animals as possible, return to the tent to receive a prize!    

The Family Fun Safari Ride will be open 1:30 -3:30pm and participants can check-in and ride the course  at your own pace any time during this period. Children may participate in both the Rodeo and Family Fun Safari Ride! The course which has some hills is best suited for children who are comfortable riding a 2-wheel bike accompanied by an adult rider.   All participants must wear helmets.    Participants are encouraged to bring water bottles.  


Please follow these rules and use caution and courtesy near other trail users.  The trails are open to others including walkers, runners, dog walkers and other bike riders.

  • Wear a helmet
  • Be sure your bike is in good working order
  • Pass cautiously on the left single file when safe to do so – clear sight line, no oncoming trail users; while always giving an audible warning, for example, “Passing on your left” or ringing your bell.
  • Respect other trail users, private property, and trail property
  • Travel on the right side of the trail
  • Move completely off the trail when stopped including all checkpoints
  • Observe road and trail crossings and other signage
  • Never enter a crosswalk until clear of oncoming traffic in both directions
  • Do not use earbuds that impede your hearing of other trail users
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, not your cellphone
  • Notify emergency services in case of an accident or incident. For police or fire call 911

Print, complete and sign the form below for each child participating in the Bike Rodeo or Family Fun Safari Ride and bring it with you to save time at check-in: